Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I never cease to be amazed by just how much God blesses me! My pastor's wife, Linda Brown, once said something to the effect of (I'm paraphrasing here), "How much more would God bless us, if we weren't so busy trying to bless ourselves." The more I step out in faith to follow His call to be a missionary, the more I am able to see how He is blessing and providing for me. More than that even, I can see how much better His plan and blessings are than anything I could have ever imagined.

I was encouraged to keep track of all of these blessings. Part of putting it in writing is to have a reminder, or "visual" of sorts, of just what God is doing and has done. Additionally, I feel as though I have a certain responsibility to share with others just how God is at work. I think by allowing others to share in this journey with me, He will bless us all even more. It's a true testimony that when a person steps out in faith, God will provide!

My blessings are too numerous to list them all here, but I will share some of my biggest highlights-- My Top 10, if you will...

1) In July I started praying about what I'd do with all of my belongings when I move to Mexico. Without me asking, at church one Sunday a friend mentioned that she and her husband had a storage space that was half empty. They would be willing to let me store some things there for free, if needed.

2) I have been contemplating if I can take my two finicky cats to Mexico with me. In August, out of the blue, a friend from my church small group asked me if I knew anyone who might be in need of 2 small dog crates. I asked if they'd be the right size for two large cats, and she said they were, and that the crates were now mine, which she would store in her basement until I was ready for them.

3) In October, while I was awaiting approval to start substitute teaching, I had a couple of weeks without work. I knew I'd soon be feeling the financial strain of two weeks without income. At this time, I happened to find a couple of savings bonds that I had hidden away and forgotten I had. They were gifts given to me by my (now deceased) grandmother for my kindergarten and elementary school graduations. When I found them, I thought, "What an answer to prayer!" Even better, though, was when I took them to the bank one had reached full maturity, and the other was close. With the interest, I got even more than expected. I could never have dreamed that God would have put into plan 30 years ago to provide for me now through my grandmother who passed away when I was in high school. I am in awe!

4) My birthday was in early November. My family's generous gifts were able to help sustain me through bill paying that month, after I'd missed another week of working due to my missionary training in Pennsylvania. My mother has also blessed me with having me over to dinner and sending me home with leftovers on average of at least once a week.

5) This fall, as I was waiting approval to begin subbing, I was praying for other work opportunities. I was amazed how God provided-- temporary office work was needed in a facility where one of my friends works, my apartment complex manager needed extra help cleaning and repainting apartments to prep them to rent, our church nursery was looking for more workers, two families hired me to tutor their children in Spanish, friends were looking for a babysitter... Little by little, He provided enough work to get me through another month of bills.

Tune back in later for the last 5 of my "Top 10 List" of Blessings. Be blessed!

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