Friday, February 20, 2015

More Kids Going Home

I'm down to T-22 days, and I can't believe how quickly time is passing me by!  But with the wind-chills in Ohio down to -25 and actual temperature at -10 the last few days, I'd be lying if I didn't admit how excited I am to arrive to Mexico for spring weather!  After spending the last two days home with a fever, I'm glad that today my temperature is back to normal; I hope to head to Mexico healthy and well.

There is again a lot of orphanage news this week!  While things at the orphanage do change, as is expected with 20-30 kids, they don't always change as quickly nor as often as they have this month.  The latest update is that the six children who were brought to the orphanage on Christmas Eve got to leave this week to live with their grandparents.  Additionally, two more sweethearts (a brother and sister) who I'd met my last two trips to the orphanage got to go home this week.  Again, I'm excited for them, much as I'll miss them too.  I pray that they go home to good, healthy, loving homes, and that their transition home goes well.  Additionally, I pray for those children remaining at the orphanage who are missing their friends and who may also be hurting because they aren't able to go home with their own family at this time. We're going to miss these dear ones, but we wish them well!

Starting today, another college-aged young man from Ohio will be working with the orphanage for 3-6 months.  He's joining another young man from my church already serving there until at least November.  The three of us were with the same group of people who went to the orphanage in December of 2013, so I'm excited to get to work with them again once I get down there (along with Pastor Ricardo and his wife Karla who run the orphanage).  I know the orphans will be so excited to see him again, as they had such fun with him before!  Sad as it is to see kids go, it may be a good thing to have a lower child-to-adult ratio over the next few weeks or possibly months, so that kids can get some more one-on-one attention from adults.  I'm looking forward to serving with these fun souls in the months to come!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Just 30 More Days...

I will be leaving for this new journey in Mexico in just 30 days.  I can't believe how much more quickly time seems to pass the closer it gets to my departure date.  I'm filled with such an array of emotions starting with excitement to some sadness at preparing to leave my home, to a little trepidation, and on and on.  I still have much to finish before I leave like getting new insurance finalized, renewing my current teaching license, finishing packing and deciding what to take versus what to store, getting my cats vaccinated and taken in for their wellness checks and paper work, and on and on.  I trust that it will get done, but I continue to look to God to provide with me time, energy, discernment, etc.

Over the next few weeks I am preparing to speak on Sundays at Plain City United Methodist Church, then Milford Center UMC, and finally King Avenue UMC.  Then on March 15th I'll have my commissioning and send-off from my home church, Marysville First United Methodist Church.  It's so exciting and a blessing to get to share this journey with so many others!

The update I got from the orphanage this week is one that fills me with joy, and honestly a little sadness too.  I'm only sad for selfish reasons in that I'm not sure when I'll get to see these children again, but I'm hoping I'll get to see them at church services in Mexico.  I'm mainly filled with joy that three beautiful siblings got to return home to live with their mother this week, after spending about 14-15 months in the orphanage.  Their mother was one of only 3 moms who came weekly to visit the children, so I'm thrilled that they're able to be reunited long-term now!  I pray for their transition back home to continue to go well.  I also pray that finances continue to be stable, and that their home life will be a safe, healthy, and happy one.  And I pray that they continue their Christian walks and get to continue attending church regularly. (And, if it's His will, I'm selfishly praying that I'll get to see them at least once more when I'm living in Mexico.)  Praise God for providing for these three precious kids to get to go back to their family home!

Be blessed!