Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Almost Time...

In just one short week from today, I'll be leaving for Mexico!  I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by!  I'm trying to get the final things checked off my to-do list (packing, getting new tires, renewing my teaching license, getting insurance switched over, getting my cats' wellness check and paperwork in order for crossing the border, getting my hair cut, and on and on...).  I'm trying to focus on the excitement of returning to the orphanage and seeing the kids there, so that I don't get overwhelmed with the bittersweet feelings of leaving my home, friends, and family for the next two years. 

This past Sunday I wrapped up my speaking engagements at other churches.  I was so very blessed to be welcomed to speak at numerous churches (Marysville First United Methodist Church; Lafayette UMC in London; Shining Light Community Church in Sugar Grove; Plain City UMC; Milford Center UMC; and King Avenue UMC in Columbus).  Thank you to the many people who have offered support (financial, through donating goods to take to the orphanage, and/or prayerful)!  I am humbled and at awe at how God is providing through such incredible people, many of whom were strangers to me but wanted to share their gifts with me and the orphans.

I don't have much new to report this week, but I will share some prayer requests, if you're willing to pray:
-Pray for me and my sanity as I pack and finalize things here this week.
-For me through the emotions of saying "Hasta luego" ("See you later") to family and friends.
-For travel mercies as I will be driving down next week, with two cats in tow.
-For ease of crossing the border into Mexico-- especially with my cats and their paperwork; and in hopes that I don't have to physically remove from my mini-van and open every box and suitcase I am taking with me; and that they accept I am moving and don't try to charge me import taxes on my belongings. [We hope to cross the border either on Thursday, the 19th or Friday, the 20th.]
-Pray for the orphanage, the children, and the workers- especially for protection; that God will continue to provide; for healing hearts of children from troubled backgrounds; for children to be united with forever families (whether back with their own families or through adoption); for the workers to serve humbly, with patience, and with discernment; for the children to know Jesus' love in their hearts; for groups that are coming throughout the spring and summer to visit for a week or so at a time.
Thank you for thinking of us and lifting us up in prayer!

Be blessed!

P.S.  I'm ready for spring.  While I'll miss the beauty of the seasons in Ohio, including the gorgeous snow, I won't miss shoveling, driving in snow and ice, nor the cold!  I'm ready to leave this winter behind (this was from a couple weeks ago, not today, thank God!)-
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